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Wiha Pro Club.

A community of 500 professional Electricians who love professional tools.

Tools that work for you

What is the Wiha Pro Club?

The Wiha Pro Club gives professional Electricians exclusive access to Wiha and Wiha’s range of products. There are a limited number of spaces within the Wiha Pro Club

For Professional Electricians

Why Join the Wiha Pro Club?

Members of the Wiha Pro Club are offered exclusive access to a community of like-minded electricians who have their ideas heard, receive hundreds of pounds worth of Wiha products, and are invited to the latest focus groups, factory tours and other exclusive events.

Our Community

How does it work?

What’s in it for you and what’s in it for Wiha?
What’s in it for you?

Exclusive deals on professional tools for your business

Your say on future Wiha product innovation

Access to special focus groups, factory tours and other events

What’s in it for Wiha?

Understand exactly what electricians need to succeed

Build meaningful relationships with electricians

Ensure all new products meet the needs of electricians

Wiha Pro Membership

Wiha Pro Club is managed in partnership with Verified by Expert Trades. The £75 + VAT annual membership is in place to ensure a commitment from the applying member and support management of the community. If you have any questions please contact wihaproclub@experttrades.com

Watch the speedE in action


As there are limited spaces in the Wiha Pro Club we first need you to complete a short application form. This helps us better understand your business and interest in joining the Wiha Pro Club.


Successful applicants are invited to the Wiha Pro Club exclusive community and receive a welcome pack including a Wiha speedE, a Wiha mug, a Wiha van sticker and a Wiha t-shirt. Along with the many other opportunities that will be made available during the membership!


Share your thoughts, engage with exclusive events and build relationships with like-minded electricians to create a community that will be the driving force behind new innovations and changes to the industry with Wiha.

Wiha Pro Club

Wiha Pro Club is open to professional electricians throughout the U.K. Verified by Expert Trades has partnered with Wiha to manage the application process.

What the Community Thinks

Our community of professional electricians say it best...

Frequently Asked Questions

The purpose of the Wiha Pro Club is to engage with professional electricians who will provide feedback to Wiha Tools and have a mix of members from all over the UK. We use the application process to help us select members in areas we are looking for members and understand the level of feedback we can expect to receive from that electrician.

Every member who contributes and engages with the Wiha Pro Club will get first access on next years membership.

The Wiha SpeedE is yours to keep and will be sent out with your welcome pack.

Verified by Expert Trades is a free to join service supporting all trades professionals in the U.K. They are a partner of Wiha Tools as they have expertise in working with and supporting similar communities to the Wiha Pro Club.

The Wiha Pro Club is for professional electricians only and we use the services of our partner, Verified by Expert Trades, to vet the applications of all members through Verified. It also creates every member a free Expert Trades account that is needed to leave reviews for Wiha Products via the Expert Trades mobile app.