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Wiha Pro Club Terms and Conditions

Use of your Wiha Pro Club account is governed by the terms of this agreement. Please ensure that you have read and understood these terms before completing your Wiha Pro Club application. If you do not understand these terms please email to discuss your questions or concerns.

Wiha Pro Club and General Terms

Wiha Pro Club is a paid for membership allowing electricians to access exclusive deals and access to Wiha Pro Club events.

Wiha Pro Club is owned by Wiha Tools and supported by Expert Trades, a partner Wiha Tools.

1. Joining Wiha Pro Club

    1. Professional Electricians can apply to join the Wiha Pro Club. Application is made through Verified by Expert Trades, a partner of Wiha Tools

2. Communications

    1. By joining Wiha Pro Club you confirm you would like to receive communication from Wiha Pro Club and Verified by Expert Trades on matters relating to Wiha Pro Club.


3. Joining and Engaging with Wiha Pro Club

    1. If your application is successful you will be sent a link to make your annual membership payment of £75+VAT
    2. By completing payment you agree to support and engage with the Wiha Pro Club over the following 12 months
      1. Levels of engagement will vary throughout the year
      2. As a minimum each member is expected to review all tools received through the Wiha Pro Club within 30 days of receipt
      3. Complete all surveys sent to the Wiha Pro Club Members


4. Renewal of Wiha Pro Club membership

    1. Your Wiha Pro Club membership will not automatically renew
    2. Those members that have participated throughout months 1 to 10 of their membership will be invited to renew in month 11for the following year
    3. The renewal price is subject to change


5. Termination of membership

    1. Wiha Pro Club reserves the right to suspend or terminate any Wiha Pro Club account at our own discretion
    2. A Trade cannot sign back up once their account has been terminated
    3. Any trade attempting to make duplicate accounts will have their Wiha Pro Club account immediately terminated
    4. Any trade selling the tools received from the Wiha Pro Club will have their Wiha Pro Club account immediately terminated